For Programmers

Inspiring and growing an entire generation of software leaders.

In today's complicated software world, software leaders have limited time and energy.  They have extreme deadlines, things take too long, things break in production, objectives shift, coupled with accelerated pressures.

You have limited time and energy.  It's important that you are accomplishing the most for the effort invested.

Maximize that time learning and following best practices from Chief Architect, Jeffrey Palermo, helping you:

- Simplify
- Reduce Stress
- Bring patience, peace, and joy back to programming for        software leaders and programmers
- Help accelerate and increase velocity
- Open up extensive career opportunities for programmers

Palermo is committed to helping grow more confident software leaders by delivering timeless knowledge, moving unnecessary obstacles, and regaining excellence within development teams.  Palermo's work matters.  Opening up software leader's full potential, can in turn have significant effect on a generation of programmers by changing the trajectory of their personal growth, careers and life opportunities as well.